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Waka For Anchor

Waka Agency Registration

Waka agencies are responsible to recruit hosts (female anchors) and their behavior. Agencies have to manage their hosts and ensure that their hosts understands the basic requirements rules and regulations. If there is any breach of rule by hosts or agencies Waka team have rights to ban account permanently. Agencies may also face penalty for breaking rules by their hosts. Please click on button below for waka agency registration.

Waka Agency Registration Process

  1. Click on the given link:
  2. Scroll down and bind your mobile number.
  3. Fill all required details
  4. Download waka app and login using same mobile no.
  5. Share your agency ID with us on WhatsApp 

We will review your application and approve within 24 hours OR someone from our team will contact you to verify.


  1. Beautiful & Young Girls
    Agencies can recruit girls between 18-35 age with good looks. 
  2. Only One Account Per Host
    Please confirm with your hosts if they are already official host with Waka. In case of finding more than one account of one host, all income will be ceased and accounts will get ban immediately.
  3. No Offline Transaction
  4. Girls are not allowed to make any offline money transaction with users.
  5. Girls are strictly not allowed to share personal details with waka users.
  6. Hosts should start communication with callers, not allowed to ignore users.
  7. Hosts should take care of camera frame: no men, children and pets are allowed on screen.
  8. Hosts can’t display nudes and semi nude videos on public streams on waka app.


Waka App is previously known as Tami. Waka is a video calling and live streaming application. Waka has more than 200k daily active users. Official hosts can earn money on waka with multiple options: call, gifts, room target bonus, daily task income. Agencies can bring all type of hosts: live streaming, 1v1 video calling and audio streaming.

Waka is an amazing application where hosts and showcase their talent to earn and it also allow to your business. Waka allow agencies to recruit streamers and invite more agencies to get extra benefit and earning.

Waka is a self withdrawal application where hosts can withdraw their income by themselves they don’t need to depend on agencies. Meanwhile, agency get their commission directly from Waka.


LH Talent Management Agency is a registered official agency with Waka, We have a strong service team, We always aim to provide you best service under our agency. You will get timely reply and support from LH Agency team.

Waka Agency Commission Ratio

  1. Total Weekly Earning of All your Hosts.
  2. Total Weekly Revenue of your Sub-Agencies.


Agency commission rates depend on all anchors’ total income ( including bonuses) under that agency.

How To Add Hosts On Waka?


  1. Open Waka For Anchor App and visit Profile page.
  2. Choose Agency Center from Given options.
  3. Select Girl Anchor Section.
  4. Click on ‘Invitation’ to copy host invitation link.
  5. Copy your Agency ID and share it with Host.


  1. Open Waka Download link and Click on ‘Download Waka’
  2. Select ‘Download anyway’ on Android security pop-up & Install Waka App.
  3. Open Waka App & Process to Register.
  4. Select Country Code & Enter Your Mobile Number .
  5. Tap on ‘Get OTP’ to receive OTP on given mobile number.
  6. Enter ‘OTP’ in Given Box.
  7. Click On Continue to verify your number.
  8. Enter Your Agency ID (LH Agency ID: 337098616)
  9. Fill all correct information.
  10. Upload a beautiful profile photo.
  11. Post more photos or videos in Album Section.

Requirement For Agencies

Agency should be responsible for the anchor’s behaviour

Make sure all of your girls know about the basic requirement of WAKA anchors before joining in, once break the rules, we will ban the account, and no settlement will be made, meanwhile there will be punishment for the agency as well.

Agencies need to recruit new anchors

You are not allowed to bring our existing anchors from other agencies to join your agency, you need to recruit anchors from other apps. Violations will be banned, all your salaries will be suspended.

Young-and good looking girls are required

You should recruit girls around the age of 18~35 with good appearance. Unqualified girls will be weeded out.

Your agency will be dismissed if you don’t have enough anchors after joining

A. Agencies need over 10 active anchors (daily working hours ≥ 1 hour), and weekly over 10 anchors working.
B. Agencies with less than 10 salaried anchors ( min 50000 beans income/week) after joining waka for one month will lead to a dismissal of the agency, and the anchors can choose to join other agencies by themselves.

Agencies are not allowed to spread other apps in WAKA, or your agency will be canceled immediately.

Agencies should protect WAKA’s fame and reputation. Also encouraging hosts to work and follow the rules.


  1.  Hosts who change agencies can not be counted as new hosts. 
  2.  Hosts who make double IDs can not be counted as new hosts and all her income in the second ID will be removed. 
  3.  You need to bring new hosts from other apps or train girls by yourself and join them with us. 
  4. Statistics Time is from Monday 00:00 am. to Sunday 23:59pm. China Time. 
  5. You can withdraw every day as long as you reach the minimum withdrawal line of 5 dollars. 
  6. Agency commission update every Monday. 
  7. If call was hang up within 30s, no coins for this call. 
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