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Agency Registration in Candy Chat App

Agency Candy Chat App

You will become an Official Candy Chat App Agency – Start earning income by recruiting new Streamers and Hostesses for the Candy Chat App from your cell phone and computer.

Become a Candy Chat Streamer and work from the comfort of your home, find talent and recruit new Streamers for Candy Chat live streaming and video chat platform from anywhere in the world.

Candy Chat App Agency

Become an Official Candy Chat App Agency

About Candy Chat App

Candy Chat is a super popular live video streaming platform that allows you to show off your skills, share your moments online, make new friends and earn money by becoming an official Candy Chat Streamer . We are recruiting hostesses from all Latin American and Caribbean countries, if you want to become an official Candy Chat Agency, download the Candy Chat app today and register as a Candy Chat Agency with the strategic help of MaJu Agent and Streamer Agent, we have more 8 years of experience in the industry.

  • Agents from any country can join.

  • It is an Auto Withdrawal App , each Hostess makes their own money withdrawals.

  • Minimum withdrawal 30 USD

What can you do as an Agency in Candy Chat?

  1. Link and edit your payment method information.
  2. Invite and recruit new Streamer Hostesses for the Candy Chat App .
  3. Invite new sub-agencies to Candy Chat App.
  4. Invite new users to Candy Chat App . You have an Affiliate link and you will earn 15% of what users spend.
  5. Manage your Candy Chat hostesses, connection time, earnings and other records directly from your Agency dashboard within the Candy Chat App.
  6. Monitor your commission rate progress as a Candy Chat agency.
  7. Receive the latest news and notifications from Candy Chat App directly on your master.
  8. Latest updates of Candy Chat App for Android & iOS.
  9. Payment methods available for Agencies: Binance (Sign up here) / USDT – TRC20 / USDT ERC20 / AdvCash (Sign up from here) / Payoneer ( Sign up with Payoneer and get $25 ) / Paypal / Epay (Sign up here) , terms and conditions apply according to the availability of payment methods in Candy Chat App depending on the country.

Register Agency in Candy Chat App

To become a Candy Chat App Agency and work recruiting new Streamers , below we explain step by step how to register your Agency in Candy Chat and start earning commission for recruiting Streamers in Candy Chat .

STEP 1: Click on the Candy Chat Agency Registration link

Click on the Register link below that says « Agency Registration in Candy Chat » .

STEP 2: Enter all the requested data in the Agency registration form for CandyChat App

  1. Once we enter the New Agency Registration Form in Candy Chat, we select the option “Request an Agent Account” or “Apply for an Agent Account”
  2. Enter email.
  3. Then we click on the “SEND” so that a confirmation code is sent to the email, we confirm said code in the “Email Verification Code” .
  4. Enter the password.
  5. Enter your WhatsApp number including the country code, example +57 (Colombia, +58 (Venezuela, etc.)
  6. Click « NEXT » « NEXT » to continue with the next step of the Agency registration.
  1. In step 3/5 you complete the information of your agency.
  2. Upload the Agency profile photo, the Logo of your Agency
  3. Enter the name of your Agency
  4. You put how many Streamer hostesses you have to start your agency.
  5. Then you click on “NEXT” .
  1. In step 4/5, you select the main countries of origin of your Hostesses.
  2. You can select multiple countries.
  3. Then you click on “NEXT” “NEXT”
  4. In step 5/5 select the languages ​​that your hostesses mainly speak or converse.

Then they will have access to the CandyChat Agency Dashboard where they can configure their Payment Method, see the links to invite hostesses to their agency, see the sub agent invitation link and even see the user invitation link, with the latter you will be able to obtain a Earn 15% of what the user referred to Candy Chat spends in the application.

We are the largest Superior Candy Chat Agency in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean

STEP 3: Set up withdrawal method in Candy Chat

At Candy Chat we have 2 withdrawal methods that we will mention below.

1. Total Withdrawal by Agency (Agency pays each Hostess)

  • You as an Agency link your main payment method
  • Your hostesses collect the coins. The Agency’s total withdrawal coins is 15,000 coins.
  • Candy Chat sends all the payment to the Agency’s account
  • The Agency must pay each Hostess by local or available payment methods.
  • The Agency withdraws commissions to its own account.

2. Individual Withdrawal (Each Hostess makes their own withdrawals)

  • All hosts need to link their own individual payment method. Each hostess will receive their respective direct payment for the application.
  • Your hostesses withdraw their coins. The withdrawal of each hostess must reach at least 7,000 coins.
  • The agency will be able to earn commissions after each withdrawal is approved.
  • Candy Chat will send the payment to each individual hostess directly.
  • The Agency withdraws commissions to its own account.

Which of the withdrawal methods is better?

The truth is relative to the needs of each Agency, but primarily at MaJu Agent we recommend using the withdrawal method: “INDIVIDUAL WITHDRAWAL” (self-withdrawal), where each hostess configures their payment method and makes their own withdrawals, thus guaranteeing that in At first, each hostess chooses the payment method that best benefits her and guarantees her payments.

Depending on the location or country of the Hostess, the following payment methods will be available: Binance (Sign up here) / USDT – TRC20 / USDT ERC20 / AdvCash (Sign up from here) / Payoneer ( Sign up with Payoneer and get $25 ) / Paypal / Epay (Sign up here)

STEP 4: Log in to the Candy Chat Agency Dashboard

To log in to the Candy Chat Agency Dashboard, we go to the page

We log in with the email and password established in the registration process.

Candy Chat Agency Dashboard

Options Available for Candy Chat Agencies

In the Candy Chat Agency Dashboard you will be able to carry out the following functionalities to manage your Agency and give it strategic support.

  1. Income Statistics From Girls: Income statistics from our hostesses or streamer.
  2. Income Statistics From Sub-agent: Income statistics from sub-agents allied to our agency.
  3. Income Statistics From Member invitation: Income statistics from our members, relates to new users invited to CandyChat .
  4. Link for Girls: Invitation link for new hostesses allied to your Agency.
  5. Link for Sub-agents: Invitation link for new sub-agents allied to your Agency.
  6. Link for Users: Invitation link for new users registered in Candy Chat.

In the upper part you will be able to see your Agency ID in Candy Chat and the summary statistics of the week corresponding to the cut of the App, active hostesses, estimated income, associated subagents.

Candy Chat Agencies Activation Form (Optional)

Candy Chat Agency Commission

  1. You will be able to obtain up to 20% of the earnings of their hostesses or Streamer and sub-agents. (Your corresponding commission ratio * total weekly earnings from all your hosts.)
  2. You will earn up to 15% of what new registered users spend under your affiliate link.
  3. Hostesses must earn a minimum of $30 for the agency to earn a commission.
  4. The top agent gets a commission from the income of the sub-agencies without affecting their income. (He can invite a subagent with his invite link.)
  5. The minimum withdrawal amount is $30
  6. Withdrawals are made in multiples of $10.
  7. The withdrawal time is every Tuesday (You must be aware of the withdrawal time so as not to lose it).
  8. After the withdrawal, Candy Chat will make the payment to the withdrawal account on Monday of the next week, and it is expected to arrive within 3 business days.
  9. The Candy Chat application has available payments by: Binance (Sign up here) / USDT – TRC20 / USDT ERC20 / AdvCash (Sign up from here) / Payoneer ( Sign up with Payoneer and get $25 ) / Paypal / Epay (Sign up here)

Candy Chat Agency Commission Table (Examples)

In Candy Chat 1,000 coins = $3

How to add Hostesses to your Candy Chat Agency

Candy Chat have 2 methods to add Hostesses, using your Registration link and manually by invitation with the ID from the Dashboard.

Method 1: Invitation link to your Candy Chat Agency

This first method of linking Hostesses to your Candy Chat Agency is done through the Invite link , which you can obtain by entering the option « Link For Girls » / « Hostess invitation link «.

Method 2: Invitation to your Candy Chat Agency

We invite our hostesses to download the Candy Chat App on their mobile phone, they can register by any of the available options, for example with Google/Gmail.

  • Follow the registry instructions, give allow all permissions.
  • You must complete the profile and verification.

Process that the Agent must do

We go to the Candy Chat Agency Dashboard, option « ALL GIRLS «, then in the option « BIND MY GIRLS »

We ask the Hostess to confirm her ID #, which you will find at the top of her Candy Chat profile.

We look for the #ID , there we confirm that it is needed to complete the profile, we ask you to complete the profile 100% to be able to make the link by clicking on the ” BIND” option.

Agency Rules in Candy Chat

  1. The agency must be able to invite at least 5 active hostesses.
  2. Manage hostesses to stream consistently and responsibly.
  3. Share host feedback with admins instantly for solutions.
  4. Agencies cannot recruit Hostesses or Streamers within the Candy Chat application, they will be severely punished.

Join the Streamers App Agencies community

In the Streamers App Agencies Community we will share Information about updates, new releases, new Apps for Agencies so you can start recruiting new Streamers and Hostesses, industry events, contests and general information .

Remember not to leave the community , it will be a communication channel through which you will have access to relevant and updated information. You will also be able to have direct communication with the Administrators who will be able to provide you with personalized help and support to create your Official Agency in any of the available Apps.

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