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About Olamet App

Olamet is a super popular live video streaming platform that allows you to show off your skills, share your moments, make new friends and earn money by becoming an official Streamer with Olamet . We are recruiting hostesses from all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, if you want to become an Olamet host, download the Olamet app today and register with the strategic help of MaJu Agent and Streamer Agent, we have more than 8 years of experience in the industry .

  1. Agents from any country can join.
  2. It is an Auto Withdrawal App , each Hostess makes their own money withdrawals.
  3. Minimum withdrawal 10 USD

What can you do as an Agency in Olamet?

  1. Link and edit your payment method information.
  2. Invite and recruit new Streamer Hostesses for the Olamet App .
  3. Invite new sub-agencies to Olamet App.
  4. Manage your Olamet hostesses, connection time, earnings and other records directly from your dashboard as an Agency within the Olamet application.
  5. Monitor the progress of your commission rate as an Olamet agency.
  6. Receive the latest news and notifications from the Olamet App directly on your master.
  7. Latest updates of the Olamet App for Android & iOS.
  8. Payment methods available for Agencies: Bank transfer (Indonesia, Morocco and India), Payoneer ( Sign up with Payoneer Here and get $25 ), Vodafone Pay, Pix, USDT (You can use Binance) , Epay .

Register Agency in Olamet App

To become an Olamet App Agency and work recruiting new Streamers , below we explain step by step how to register your Agency in Olamet and start earning commission for recruiting Streamers in Olamet .

STEP 1: Click on the Olamet Agency Registration link
Click on the Registration link below that says « Olamet Agency Registration ».

STEP 2: Enter all the requested data in the Agency registration form


  1. select your country
  2. Enter the cell phone you will use for Agency registration.
  3. Ent
    er the verification code that you received by text message.
  4. Click “ JOIN” “BIND” to complete Agency registration.

We are the largest Olamet Superior Agency in the world

STEP 3: Log in to the Olamet App

Once the registration is finished and you have downloaded the Olamet on your mobile, you open the App and you are going to log in with the number you used for the Agency’s previous registration, you click on the ” PHONE ” option:

Options available for Agencies

Once logged into Olamet, at the bottom you will find the MY AGENCY , this option will be the administration panel of your Agency in Olamet, from there you will have access to statistics, you will get your link to invite your hostesses from Olamet , subagents and other information.

  1. Sub-agent income: Income statistics of sub-agents allied to our agency.
  2. Member income: Income statistics of our members, related to our hostesses or streamers.
  3. Add members: This option allows us to add hostesses manually, entering their cell phone number used in registration and the Host
  4. ID. You can take our basic Streamer Olamet guide .
  5. Member invite: Invitation link for the registration of hostesses to your Olamet Agency.
  6. Sub-agent invite: Invitation link for allied sub-agents to your Agency.
  7. Member active days: Statistics of the active hostesses in the last days with response rate.

In the upper part you will be able to see your Agency ID and the summary statistics of the week corresponding to the cut of the App, active hostesses, estimated income, associated subagents.

STEP 4: Olamet Agencies Activation Form

STEP 3: Confirm Registration and Activation on Olamet for Agency

After Agency Registration on Olamet you will write to our WhatsApp Support number or  by clicking on the contact menu to open a Conversation where you will tell us your name, Agency name, Agency ID Number from Olamet . You find it at the top of your Agency Dashboard.

Olamet Agency Commission

  1. You will earn between 5% to 36% of the earnings of your hosts or Streamer. (Your corresponding commission ratio * total weekly earnings from all your hosts.)
  2. Hosts must earn a minimum of $10 for the agency to earn a commission.
  3. The highest agency commission is 36%.
  4. The top agent gets a commission from the income of the sub-agencies without affecting their income. (He can invite a subagent with his invite link.)
  5. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10
    The Olamet application has available payments by Bank Transfer (Indonesia, Morocco and India), Payoneer ( Sign up with Payoneer Here and get $25 ), Vodafone Pay, Pix, USDT (You can use Binance) , Epay .

Olamet Agency Commission Table

The Agency’s commission is based on 2 situations:

  1. Total Weekly Income: The total weekly income of all your Hosts + total weekly income of all your sub-agents.
  2. Agent Commission Rate (Abbreviation of CR), which is floating depending on your total weekly earnings as follows.
Total Weekly Income in $ USDCommission percentage

Agent Commission = Your CR*Your Income – Your Sub-Agent CR * Your Sub-Agent Income

(If you have more than one subagent, you will have to perform this calculation several times)

How to add Hostesses to your Olamet App Agency

Steps for Olamet Hostesses to do:

  1. The hostess must register using your Agency link , which can be found in the MY AGENCY . Hostess invitation link .
  2. The hostess must download the app from the Play Store .
  3. The hostess must log in to the Olamet application through the Telephone option , it is necessary that it be through that option so that the record is associated with your Agency. You can see the step the sample step basic guide of Streamer and Hostesses Olamet App .

Steps to be taken by the Agency:

  1. go to the panel of your agency that you can find within the Olamet App
  2. We enter the option ” MY AGENCY “
  3. Then click on the “ADD MEMBERS” .
  4. Enter the Hostess ID and the phone number you used at registration.
  5. Hit ADD to add the Hostesses to your Olamet Agency.

Agency rules in Olamet

  1. Agents must manage and supervise hosts they represent , actively resolve issues encountered by hosts on the platform, and ensure that hosts comply with the platform’s rules and regulations.
  2. Agents must not interfere with the normal functioning of the platform and other agencies. They are not allowed to engage in malicious attacks, defamation, or hacking of other agencies’ hosts without permission.
  3. Agents should not use platform vulnerabilities or loopholes in the rules to engage in prohibited activities.
  4. Agents must protect the intellectual property and legal rights of hosts and not infringe on their interests.
  5. It is prohibited to promote information related to other platforms in any case within the platform.
  6. Agents refrain from illegally contacting streamers from other agencies and encouraging them to join their agency by promising gifts or other means. If any violations are found, we will take the following actions: -If an agent is found to be in contact with a transmitter already under another agency, the agent will be warned the first time. If an agent violates the rules by hiring a streamer from another agency, a $20 fine will be applied to each streamer, which will be deducted from the violator’s account in the form of diamonds or beans. – If an agent repeatedly violates the rules by hiring streamers from other agencies, we will ban their account and prohibit withdrawal or any related activity.
    • The agency must be able to invite at least 5 active hostesses.
    • Manage hostesses to stream consistently and responsibly.
    • Share host feedback with admins instantly for solutions.
    • Agencies cannot recruit Hosts or Streamers within the Olamet application.

Regulations and punishments for violating Olamet rules

1. First violation with non-serious circumstances: official warning to the host/agent, order to immediately stop the violation and ensure that it is not repeated.

2. Multiple violations or serious circumstances: account suspension for 30 days. Permanent ban and cancellation from agency for further violations.

3. Repeated and extremely serious violations: agency cancellation, permanent account and IP ban. The interpretation of punishments belongs to Olamet officials.

Currently, during live broadcasts, there will be an artificial intelligence system that will monitor in real time if the presenter has any inappropriate behavior.

This monitoring process will be carried out rigorously, and any instances of excessive nudity, display of sensitive body parts, sexual innuendos, adult toys or other explicit content will be identified and flagged with warnings.

In case a presenter is repeatedly detected violating the rules, the AI ​​system will automatically impose sanctions.

The first violation will result in a 1-hour suspension, which can be increased to 3 hours, 6 hours, or even a permanent ban for subsequent violations.

We kindly encourage all presenters to be mindful of their dress and behavior during live broadcasts.

Hosts need to modify the cover.
The cover should not be too revealing, even with underwear. No photos in the gallery can have sexual content. Do not wear underwear and sexy underwear during the live stream, just wear normal clothing and your behavior is not sexually suggestive.

Let’s work together to foster a more positive platform environment. We sincerely appreciate your continued support.

How to recruit subagents at the Olamet agency?

If you want to invite a subagent for Olamet App, open your agency panel in the app and send the subagent invite link mentioned in your agency panel and ask them to register the Olamet agency details and start as an official agency in Olamet partner to your work team.

See point #5 Sub-agent invite: Invitation link for allied sub-agents to your Agency.

Payment methods available in the Olamet App for Agencies

Payments in Olamet are made by Payoneer ( Sign up in Payoneer and get $25 ) , terms and conditions apply depending on the availability of payment methods in Olamet.

Hostesses make their own withdrawals. **AUTO WITHDRAWAL type application**

Join the Streamers App Agencies community

In the Streamers App Agencies Community we will share Information about updates, new releases, new Apps for Agencies so you can start recruiting new Streamers and Hostesses, industry events, contests and general information .

Remember not to leave the community , it will be a communication channel through which you will have access to relevant and updated information. You will also be able to have direct communication with the Administrators who will be able to provide you with personalized help and support to create your Official Agency in any of the available Apps.

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